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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I was so amused by yesterday's comments that I had to do a little research...

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As it turns out, there is definitely no such thing as a "Chanukah Giraffe," which is unfortunate because I think that such an entity woud give that slothy Santa a run for his money. There is, however, such thing as a "Jewish Giraffe," which is what the above creature is. Giraffes are kosher, so I guess it ultimately could make sense. Well, at least as much sense as Santa Claus does.

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Onto the "Easter Spider." There is such thing is an Easter Spider. However, after not a little research, I've found out that Spiders are not kosher. You should really read a bit from the link I highlighted above. Any article that starts out as follows, is worth keeping by the toilet for future reading:

"A book of photographs was published not so long ago which shows people from around the world eating insects. (My apologies to those who are munching something right now.) "

Talk about not wanting to offend anyone. He definitely covered all of his bases by apologizing, in advance, for possibly offending those who are reading his essay while sitting in a tree, munching upon Arachnids. This guy is the embodiment of the phrase: "conscious of other peoples' feelings." On that note, perhaps he'd be interested in writing for this site?

A somewhat humorous list of other kosher versus not kosher delicacies can be found Here.

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