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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is it just me or is every Jewish man in New York City wearing a yarmulkah/kippa today? (Which is the more popular term, by the way? Kippa or yarmulka?) Well, I can tell you that every guy in my office, The Publisher not excluded, is wearing one. At first I wondered if there was someone important coming to the office? New business meeting? Then it occurred to me: Is today the official beginning of Rosh Hashanah? I thought it was tomorrow. Granted, I wouldn't have thought to wear one tomorrow either (or ever, for that matter, considering I'm not Jewish).

Where does one buy such a sacred headpiece? Are there yarmulkah stores? Kind of like Army/Navy supply stores? I definitely can't buy one online. It will take too long and I clearly need one now! And these pin things that hold it to one's hair... Where do I buy those? Do they come with the yarmulkah? Like, in a complete, do it yourself yarmulkah package? Lastly, am I going to hell* if I put one of these things on my head? I think that upon putting it on my head, it would mark the first time to date that I've actually felt blasphemous. Before, it was all fun and games. But that, that is just disrespectful.

*I don't believe in hell.

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