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I just got a job with a Jewish magazine. I'm not Jewish. They think I am.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Everybody who reads the magazine has the option to critique us by sending in a letter.

On that note:

If only Zabar's had a 'Letters to the Editor' section.

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Dear Zabar's,

Your customer service team sucks (especially the chick in Lane 3). The only kind of fresh fish you carry is Salmon and your aisles are way too narrow.

The only reason I overlook these facts is because your store is absolutely swarming with the finest delicacy of all: Japs.

Actually why don't you tell the deli to put one on ice for me while I run to the ATM? If you're wondering if everybody knows that the deli only accepts cash because you're looking for a tax break, the answer is yes. We're onto you, but again, your Jap selection is unparalleled. So, well...

Your most loyal shopper,

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