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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If you have nothing nice to say...

I wasn't going to post today because, quite frankly, I'm way too damn tired. My roommate just got two flea-infested kittens that have not only left bites all over my face and chest, but they are also provoking an allergic reaction that renders it impossible to get any sleep due to constant itching. I didn't sleep at all last night and I look like a monster today. The Silent Designer greeted me today like this:

"Nice zit, dude."
"Not a zit. Fleabite."
"Yeah right."

I've been staring at the screen all day hoping that it will do my work for me. So far that hasn't happened (but wouldn't it be cool if it did?)

Anyway, the reason I am suddenly motivated to write something is because my boss just emailed me about a post OrthoJew put on the blog.
She put a post up sometime yesterday and has received no comments on it, which, in all honesty, isn't a big deal. Our work blog doesn't get much traffic (it's just not that interesting) and each post is lucky to get one comment -- maybe two on a spectacular day. I like to keep it current though, just in case there is someone who actually likes it. That said, I asked OrthoJew to post in my place yesterday since I had to go to Philly. About an hour ago she emailed the Publisher to tell him that she hadn't received any comments so obviously we need to promote the blog better. The Publisher then emailed me to ask me if I thought we were promoting it well enough. He also wanted me to send out an email to everyone excluding OrthoJew to tell them to make sure to leave comments and post regularly so that it would look as if we have more traffic than we do. Finally, he told me that he had left a comment on OrthoJew's post to make her feel better. Obviously I rushed over to check it out:

"What a wonderful post! You are an excellent writer."

That's not obvious at all. This goes way beyond writing one's own Letters to the Editor.

As a brief, heartfelt aside...that was pretty nice of him. He's a way better person than I am. This is pretty much the equivalent of your mom sending you an anonymous Valentine's day card because she knows no one likes you. On that note, I'm off to leave a rude comment.

P.S. I plan to stop bashing OrthoJew sometime in the near future. I just have to find a replacement.

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