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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My sukkah is taking a lot longer than I expected so I will give you this conversation to ponder while you're waiting. For some reason, the Manwhore was on JDate (as if I don't know the reason - last time I checked, he was making a profile on Christian Cafe). Evidently he's building a profile there and you have to specify your "tribe." I've never been on JDate, so I don't know. Anyway, while he was online with me, he was doing research to determine what kind of Jew he should be. He is a total scumbag. Evidently he's also an Ashkenazim Jew:

Me: what website are you looking at?
Manwhore: for what?
Manwhore: porn?
Me: no, for that jewish stuff
Manwhore: oh
Manwhore: I didn't know about it before I read it there
Me: Well, why would you have?
Manwhore: true
Manwhore: you have to specify your tribe on jdate
Me: how hilarious
Manwhore: I wonder if some jews only date other jews, from supposedly the same tribe
Me: i think they do for sure
Manwhore: that's very racist
Manwhore: but then again so is dating only jews
Me: how so?
Me: they can date anyone they want
Me: that's not racist
Me: you don't date fat chicks
Manwhore: it is
Manwhore: if you only date jewish guys/girls
Me: why?
Manwhore: and you think jewism [sic] is about race
Manwhore: it's racism
Me: no, not when it comes to dating
Me: if you want to be with just one person they may as well be someone you think is perfect.
Manwhore: it is, but it's acceptable racism

Manwhore: there's all sorts of acceptable racism
Me: okay
Me: can i post this on my site?
Manwhore: technically, any time you discriminate based on race it's racism
Manwhore: post what?
Me: this conversation
Manwhore: you always edit it so horribly!
Me: hey, i have to make myself look good

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