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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ever since I heard the phrase "Frummer than thou," I've wanted to start a regular section called, "Vocabulary words and phrases that might be second nature to you, but are new to me." So, I am.

Yes, I know, I know - I always say that I'm starting regular sections and I never do.

Now, this might not be interesting to you because, like I said, these words are already a part of your vernacular. It would be like me watching someone get really excited upon learning about the word guido. Woohoo. Real exciting. So, to make it just a tad bit more entertaining, think of me as a baby who is discovering a whole new world. No, actually, that's kind of weird. Well, I would advise you to think of it as an anthropological study that I'm taking part in, but that makes it seem like I'm some defunct scientist studying a different species. Plus, I'd be incriminating myself of ignorance. I may as well just admit as much. I'm ignorant and ignorance truly is bliss. On that note, I guess I just don't have a good metaphor for you and I'll just have to accept the fact that this is a boring new regular section. That said, today's word is:


My friend Gavi, the Dreaded Meshugeneh,* recently introduced me to the word and I must say, I'm a huge fan...of both the word and the hairstyle. To see the Jewfro in its natural habitat., go here.

*This will be my new vocab word once I figure out what it means.

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