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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Jesus Paradox

All the time I spent on this image was evidently for naught since you can't read it.

This is my little Jesus venn diagram. Everyone should have one, really.

So, the reason I did this was because when I was young, I asked my mom what
the difference between Jews and Catholics was (for whatever reason). Her answer? "We believe in Jesus and Jews just think he was a very nice man."
If any one sentence can effectively illustrate my background coming into this job, that's gonna have to be it.
And that brings me to my Jesus Paradox.

Jesus was Jewish
Jews Want Nothing to do With Him

Jesus was Jewish
Christians Can't Get Enough of the Guy

And, in the middle is the common ground (otherwise known as the 'pit into which the leftovers are thrown'):
Jews for Jesus

"The Jesus Paradox" is the name of my second chapter. I think I'll include this glorious image. If anything, it's because I'm really into the little pictures. If anyone would like to expand upon the background that has led up to my diagram, please do so (or not).

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