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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Publisher is taking it to the streets.

On Wednesday, the Publisher asked the Silent Designer and me to "give it to him straight." He knew we were behind deadline, but he wanted to know just how far behind we were.

"You know I'm usually all business, but when it comes to this, I have to take it to the street."

Remember, he's from the streets of Israel, not Compton as it might seem. I think he's adopted a vision of an Americanized, hip hop ghetto in order to relate to Americans who may not be familiar with the the ghettos of Tel Aviv or wherever. Still, I don't know how effective it would be to take a Jewish magazine "to the street," in effort to finish a few articles and design its cover.

Here I am, sitting, trying my damndest to keep a straight face as The Publisher effortlessly uses "street" as a noun and an adjective:

"I am street."
"Takin' it to the street..."
"If I have to get street to get this done, then that's what I'll have to do."

"Because when I was young and I got locked out of the house, I knew I had to climb to the second story window that my mom had left open for me. That's how it works on the street."

Actually, that's kind of how it works everywhere. Just the other night, in fact, I had to climb the fire escape due to the same error. Maybe I'm street too? I thought about asking him, just as I thought about complimenting him on his bright white golf, errr, street shoes.

(Meanwhile, back at the culdesac...)

This has left the Silent Designer and I with an enviable inside joke. For instance, I asked OrthoJew how she was coming on an article. "It's okay," she responded. "Okay? By 'okay' do you mean that we need to take it to the streets?" I asked her in all seriousness. She was not amused, but the Silent Designer and I sure as hell were.

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