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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Silent Designer and I enjoyed a small victory today.

The last four or five issues (only three of which I have worked here long enough to be a part of) have had fake names in the masthead to make up for the lack of staff. The Publisher's Wife was listed as the Co-Publisher and the Senior Editor before I got here. They entered one of her friend's names in as an associate editor to fill it out (Evidently the mag was without an editor for a few months before me). They had another of her friends listed as "photo editor," which is something the Silent Designer is responsible for aside from his full time position as Art Director.

We have both been pissed about the situation since we're each doing the work of two people and getting paid and given credit for only one. He's been more vocal about it than me, which is ironic considering his nickname, but today, finally, the Publisher basically told his wife to shove it (obviously in not as many words, because, well, we know how he is when it comes to her - there was more hair-stroking than anything) and is going to take the fillers out. As for our paychecks, they'll remain the same. But, that was a given...

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