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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Since I'll be gone for the next ten or eleven days, I am going to post a few things that I am thankful (Get it? Thanksgiving? Thankful? har har) to be taking a break from...

Like the fact that my friend Aaron, of the Go-To Group of Jewish friends, conned me out of telling him my salary the other day, then responded, "Yeah, that's really bad. My sister works at a Jewish magazine in D.C. and makes twice as much."

Or about OrthoJew's new and obnoxious habit. We have bathroom keys in these parts (because we share with another office). Whenever the women's key is gone, she screams, "Who has the bathroom key?!" Umm, my guess is that the person who's in the bathroom has it. Idiot.

[OrthoJew just walked in to ask me a question as I was writing this. At least she wasn't asking about the bathroom key though.]

Then there's the Publisher's Wife's new "I'm such a benevolent (and did I mention humble?) human being" campaign. She's let out a couple mentions of the kind deeds she's done lately. 1). "My nephew needed new shoes so I asked his mom what size he wears and got him some. I mean, what's $50?" 2). "You know, there was a guy on the street yesterday who just looked horrible, so I slipped him a $20. It felt so good and what was even better, is that I didn't feel the need to tell anyone. I just kept it to myself."

And speaking of thanksgiving, I got this email (and subsequent confession of Manwhore love) last night:

I have 2 good questions for you -

1) Why don't Orthodox Jews celebrate Thanksgiving? There's a guy my husband works with that is Orthodox and he says they don't.

2) What's the difference between Orthodox and Hasidic Jews? My husband & I have been debating this and I figured that you would get a lot of good communication back and forth on your site with these 2 questions.

If you're looking around for something to post about, you might consider these questions.

Also, I was the anonymous who was hot after the Manwhore.

Manwhore, wherever you are: Did you hear that?

Jewbiquitous has a good discussion of Jews and Thanksgiving on their site today. I'd say that's a good place to start...

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