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Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy first day of Hanukkah.

As the Editor and unofficial boss to the flacks I work with, I decided to buy a few Hanukkah cards for them. I spent half of my paycheck on these things, so they better enjoy them. While doing so, I conducted an informal study. I had a theory that Hanukkah cards would be more expensive than Christmas cards. I admit this was due to the "Jews are Rich" stereotype, but I did it subconsciously so...

Anyway, my hypothesis was incorrect. Christmas cards were, on average, 40-50 cents more expensive than Hanukkah cards. Maybe this is because Hanukkah cards aren't as popular? Or, as you'll see, maybe because they're not as impressive. Just an observation.

This one is for the OtherDesigner, who tried so hard to be cool by leading the Whos to victory and for hosting a Secret Santa ceremony (that unfortunately backfired in his face):

For the Controller, who has proven to me that he will put the enclosed money (of the Monopoly genre, of course) to good use by buying pastries that he'll forbid the Publisher's Wife from eating. Tee-hee:

Speaking of the Publisher's Wife, here's hers. No explanation necessary:

For the Publisher, so that his wife doesn't feel all singled out and insecure having received the only dog card. I imagine he'll see the humor in it. A) The poor bastard's always in the dog house. B) He's married to one. I'd say this is more than appropriate:

For OrthoJew, just to shove the Grinches' loss in her face. Plus, I know how much she digs all things Christmas:

This one was a stroke of genius on my part. I am writing it to my mom and casually keeping it on my desk all day so that everyone will know what a good Jewish boy I am. Happy Hanukkah, ma!

Speaking of Hanukkah, I will be participating in a Hanukkah Blog Tour with 35 other bloggers next week. To find out more, go here. My post will go up on Tuesday, so stay tuned. Have a good holiday!

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