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Monday, January 22, 2007

Since the Manwhore can't read or write, here's an informal yet proprietary interview with our Monday star:

Me: What the hell happened to your hair?
MW: I need to get it cut.
Me: Yeah, you think? You look like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Me: What's up with the Puerto Rican?
MW: Chillin'

Me: What's up with the Israeli Girl?
MW: Same old.

Me: What's up with the Greek Girl?
MW: Her sister is smokin'. Have you seen my new client?

Me: I think you photoshopped that picture. I've seen her before and she wasn't cute.
MW: That's because I've been training her.

Me: You're like a low-bill plastic surgeon, molding chicks into shape so you can sleep with them.
MW: I like her for her personality.
Me: Clearly.

Me: Are you coming over for Halo Tuesday?
MW: I'll be there.

The Manwhore isn't much of a conversationalist. He refuses to share tricks of the trade, but if you'd like to write in a question for him, he promises to answer it with as much titillating detail as he provided above.

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