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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Considering that Pgate usually leaves at 4:45, the Silent Designer and I have been bumbling around like idiots trying to figure out the Publisher’s strategy. We initially thought that his preferred tactic was avoidance, considering his 9:00 appointment waited for him this morning until 11:00, at which time he finally decided to mozy on in. According to an inner-office poll (otherwise known as 'just the Silent Designer and me'), bets are on the Publisher calling Pgate at home tonight.

Silent D: i don't want to be around for p gate
Me: i can imagine
Me: what time do you think pgate will commence?
Silent D: well pgate usually leaves at 15 til 4
Silent D: but maybe the publisher will call him at home
Me: coward
Silent D: definitely
Me: so in 15 minutes?
Silent D: no its only 3:30
Silent D: oh
Silent D: i meant 15 til 5 not 4
Me: oh

I’ll be back with the update.

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