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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This weekend my friend dragged me with her to get a haircut. You might recognize her from the JAP workout.

Anyway, I was sitting down reading a magazine when she called me over.

“Look! I look like a Hasidic! You have to take a picture of me!”

At a certain angle she really did. Of course, I didn’t get the picture at that particular angle because the hairdresser was visibly annoyed with our brief project and kept twisting the chair as if he didn’t know I was looking for the perfect shot. Jerk. I’m sure you get the point though.

Not that any girl would ever want to wear the floppy dog ear hairstyle of a Hasidic man, but I wondered what would go down if one did, in fact, decide that WWD had missed out on the cutting edge trend that is the female Hasidi-Cut. Would she be able to? Then, I started wondering if women ever wear kippahs? Are they allowed? Why men and not women?

Coincidentally, I walked out my door yesterday morning and right in front of me there was a woman wearing a kippah. I have NEVER seen this before. Whether it occurs frequently or not, I was shocked by my dumb luck. I mean, I was just thinking about it.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to capture a picture of her, too.

My phone takes totally quality shots

Enjoy and do feel free to chime in about the new trend I just invented (The Hasidi-Cut ©) and the Kippah for women thing. I’m curious.

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