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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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So this was the conversation between BaconJew* and I regarding [putting an end to] the whole Michael Richards debaucle.

Background: Gloria Allred is being interviewed on some NEWS show and is not-so artfully dodging the question, "But do you really think your clients deserve a cash settlement?"

BaconJew starts cussing at the TV, telling it that "For Christ sake's, he apologized already. Get over it!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I say. "Mel Gibson apologized a million times and you guys haven't 'just gotten over it,' now have you?"

BaconJew: That's totally different.

Me: Interesting. How so?

BaconJew: Did you see Passion of the Christ? He portrayed the Jews kicking Christ's ass the whole movie.

Me: Still, he seems pretty sincere. There are tons of racists and anti-Semites out there who wouldn't think twice about an apology. Bigotry is essentially their identity.

BaconJew: He's only apologizing because he wants to maintain business relationships.

Me: You know that for sure?

BaconJew: Oh, and did you hear that Michael Richards was trying to pretend that he was Jewish, saying that "he identified with Jews"?

Me: Well, I pretend I'm Jewish and I feel that I can identify with Jews - or at least appreciate their beliefs.

BaconJew: But he's trying to use this "Jewish identity" to say that he would never be racist because of how he was affected by the whole Mel Gibson thing. He didn't even go through his stuff. His bar mitzvah, his school...

Me: So what, you accept Scarlett Johannson as an MOT even though her mom (who was born Jewish) is an atheist and Scarlett hasn't once shared her religous affiliations publicly? But Michael Richards, who actually seems to give a shit about Judaism in some way or another; he's out of the question just because he's not popular right now? That's gross.

BaconJew: Scarlett Johannson's Jewish?

Me: No more so than Michael Richards.

BaconJew: Well, if her mom's Jewish.

Me: You guys need to make a serious decision here. You alter it so that you can include who you want and reject who you don't. You said it yourself, he apologized, get over it. Let him be a Jew if he wants. Forgive Mel while you're at it too. You expect forgiveness for your crap, he does too.

BaconJew: [Don't remember what he said here, but I'm sure I argued with him]

*BaconJew is my "bad" Jewish friend who I attended Rosh Hashanah services with in Miami.

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