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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Forget the Jap Workout, OrthoJew has a better idea.

OrthoJew rises from the dead; says something stupid.

To the office’s collective chagrin, OrthoJew has been pretty quiet as of late. However, when she broke her vow of silence this morning, it was exactly what one would expect (hope!) to come out of her mouth. After all, she'd been letting her thoughts brew some few days without an ounce of spillage.

The topic was treadmills. Her two cents were:

“Human beings weren’t built for running in place on a moving platform. They’re workers; their exercise should come from hunting and gathering.”

Hey, whatever works for you, cave woman. Superficially, though, OrthoJew’s not winning any fitness awards here. The Manwhore might even accept her as a client if she put out a little more (Sorry OrthoJew’s husband).

Later in the morning we all received a passive aggressive email from her highness:

From: OrthoJew
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007
To: Everyone in the office
Subject: If someone from ______ calls for me...

….please direct them to me, and not into someone else’s voicemail!


We all liked her so much more 24 hours ago.

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