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I just got a job with a Jewish magazine. I'm not Jewish. They think I am.

Friday, November 10, 2006

This is what it looks like, except the Controller looks more like him:

Follow-ups to this week’s news:

The Fired Account Executive
More details into the fired account executive case have surfaced. Evidently the account executive was selling ads for the other magazine in question. In this case, I was completely wrong. I thought he was just practicing good business dealings. I hate to say that the Publisher’s Wife made a good decision, so I won’t. I’ll just imply it. She still said “non-disclosure agreement” when she meant “don’t sell advertisements to other magazine, dumbass” agreement.

Nobody puts OrthoJew in the Corner
The snoring controller who I told you about last week, and who constantly corners everyone at their desks when not sleeping, keeps on going up to OrthoJew and pretending he’s swimming. It's clear that she knows he’s there, but she doesn’t take her face off of the computer. Realizing that she “doesn’t notice him,” he starts waving his arms faster as if doggy paddling his way to victory. Getting more and more desperate for just a tiny hint of recognition, he starts doing the back stroke. It is beyond bizarre and completely hilarious. Why is he doing it? I guess this is his way of welcoming her back from Puerto Rico. Evidently swimming = Puerto Rico.

To be followed by a recent conversation with Rachel from the Go-To Group of Jewish Friends.

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